Graffiti Removal

Using high-pressure water-cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous Graffiti removing chemicals, it is possible to entirely remove graffiti from any type of porous or non-porous surface without harming the underline facade.

Anti graffiti protection protects solid, absorbent and painted surfaces against graffiti attack and other contamination such as stickers, chewing gum, birds' droppings and traffic film build up.

The protective coating is brushed or sprayed on to the area requiring treatment. It forms a transparent wax film that prevents penetration of paint, dirt, pollution etc. Importantly, all Kirklees Cleaning LTDs, coatings allow the moisture to escape. This ensures that the protected structure can breathe thus preventing corrosion and discolouration. Once applied, graffiti can be easily removed from the protected surface.

Warranted to contain NO solvents. Graffiti paints are normally removed from the protected surface with a simple hot water pressure wash.

Can be applied immediately following graffiti removal. This results in considerable savings in working time and makes the overall application still more cost effective.

Provides a 'dry' invisible surface without any contrast between protected and unprotected surfaces. It is also resistant to Ultra-Violet light and will not alter surface colour.

Is neutral (PH7) and biodegradable, making the coating 'friendly' and safe for the operatives, the surface material and environment.

Has excellent all round surface protection coating against traffic-film and general soiling, inhibiting the growth of moss and algae and drastically reducing maintenance costs.

Graffiti Removal

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