One Off Cleans

Deep Cleans & Office Cleans

Deep cleans in kitchens & toilets is an area that requires specialist expertise, appropriate qualification and accreditation. Kirklees Cleaning LTD has made substantial in-roads into this sector by counting BUPA amongst its client portfolio.

Deep cleaning in care home & hospitals remain amongst the sensitive of contracts, and require military precision in planning and execution be that front of the house, toilet areas, bedrooms or theatres.

We have proven to be the favoured contract cleaner to hospitals, care homes and clinics simply due to the meticulous nature of our work.

We also remain the favoured supplier of many independent retailers and multiples nationwide. With vast experience in all areas of retail, the company's retail portfolio includes supermarkets, high street shops, retail parks and car show rooms. Our service is either 7 days per week or one off.

We always choose the best biodegradable chemicals and shampoos and will not leave cleaning sticky residues, odours or chaffed patches.

Carpets cleaned by Kirklees Cleaning LTD stay cleaner longer and have a long lasting fresh appearance.

We offer you the following professional specialist services for all your wall-to-wall carpets:

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning, be it city corporate or smaller businesses, have always been a mainstay of our daily operations. From the very early stages of the company's existence we provide to so many businesses to be the reliable, cost effective and efficient cleaning solution.

The client base in this sphere is expanding at an unbelievable pace, which to so many competitors has proven the most difficult area to penetrate. Kirklees Cleaning LTD is simply the North's premier cleaning company.

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