Window Cleaning

Choosing the right window cleaner may require some extra time initially but it's well worth it; the cost of choosing the wrong contractor could potentially be enormous.

Window cleaning can be a hazardous task. Performed incorrectly; it could easily expose the public, your employee, yourself and your tenants to a great deal of risk including legal liability.

Choosing the right window cleaners can make window and facade cleaning an enjoyable experience on which you deliver a valuable service to your tenants without disturbing them or you. The right contractor also projects a professional image, reflecting well on you and your company.

Kirklees Cleaning LTD take the risk out if the window and facade cleaning, by supplying such quality and above all safe cleaning solutions.

We embrace the latest window cleaning technologies available such as Water Fed Poles (Reach and Wash Systems), Mobile Anchor Points, Abseiling, Cherry Pickers and much more.

Customers are treated as individuals, each with their own special needs. There is a tailor made service to meet these needs. Our philosophy is to maintain an efficient, cost-effective and friendly relationship.

The company aims to create the highest level of customer satisfaction to sustain a long-term relationship with the client.

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